The term post apocalyptic means that after a disaster has happened what the earth will actuallly be like. With genre is normally involing nuclear wars or something to do with zombiea so when people hear the word apocalypse they normally relate it to a zombie apocalypse.

I would like to be on an island with Bear Grylls, My mum ,my dad ,my brother and gordon ramsay because bear grylls can help me with survival techniques  and my brother and my parents can provide me with moral support and other things  and gordon ramsay can cook everyone food with the ingredients we […]

In this essay I will be writing about the issues in Romeos life-like his tragic flaws how he is doomed and what his moral dilemma is. this will address everything wrong that caused the untimely death of Romeo and Juliet. There are many situations in Romeo and Juliet that show that nobody could escape from […]

1. I think that the scene was set in a school playground because it sounds like 2 children squabbling over something because it looks like something that primary school children would do A: Can i have it? B: No i am using it. Wait your turn A: But you have it all the time B: […]

1. Romeo says that he was there to get some poison so that he can kill himself for Juliet. 2. He was concerned about the law because the law in those times were strict about drugs that could kill someone or assist in suicide which is illegal. 3. The world isnt kind to the apothecary […]

Juliet and her parents have a bad relation ship because her father forces her to do things and doesnt listen and his mum doesnt care what happens and just listens to lird capulet.

Capulets is really suprisred and doesnt aeem like he is to sad about it because he just said shes sead like its normal. Hes calling paris his son in law because he wanted paris to marry Juliet The parents dont look sad but they are suprised aswell. The nurse seems the most suprised.

1. Juliet drinks the potion so she doesnt need to marry paris 2. This means that she has alot of prayers that the potion will work and nit kill her. 3. She was going to get married so what ever shes doing is going to be rth it and benefit her. 4. She was a […]

Sir paris i will make desperate tender of my childrd love qnd she will be ruled in all respects to me. Thursday tell her she shall be married to this noble earl. In this scene Shakespeare emphasised patriarchy by making the speech seem like everything is a command by man and the girls have no […]